Tiny House Summer Camp 6- Orleans, VT (w/Camping/Live Building!)

Tiny House Summer Camp 6- Orleans, VT (w/Camping/Live Building!)

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September 21-23rd. 

Hosted by The Diedricksen Brothers (Authors of "Microshelters", and hosts of HGTV's "Tiny House Builders" and "Extreme Small Spaces". 

We start on Friday at 1pm (until almost 10pm)

Saturday- 9am-10pm

Sunday- 9am-6pm

30+ hours of building, live demos, guest speakers, networking, designing, and more! 


I've had SO many people ask "when is the next tiny house summer camp?", that I've decided to put a preliminary sign-up out there. 

"But Deek, who is speaking this year, what is planned??"

Does it really matter? Its always fun, eclectic, LOADED with guest speakers, and ALWAYS sells out (limited to 35 students). We'll have more details soon though- but it might be too late for you by then.... 

So, here's you're "bright an early" chance to get your spot locked. 

This is our sixth workshop over 7 years (we skipped one year to host elsewhere). 

Honestly, its THE BEST, and wildest, workshop we do! Lots of hands-on builds, so many live demos, so many eclectic approaches, and all on a very gorgeous 10 acre woodland spread (with 10 micro cabins and tree houses on various trails that you'll tour!)

Hope to see you there! 

-The Diedricksen Brothers 

We MIGHT do an add-on Monday day/option again too.... stay tuned! 

Note: When you sign up, full details and directions will come a couple weeks before the event/date (for now, just know that its the Orleans, VT area). You CAN tent camp for free, OR rent out our little pods/microcabins (ultra cheap). 

Refunds: Up until 45 days before the event, you can get a full refund. After that, with notice, you will not be refunded but will get full credit towards another workshop (Very fair and almost ALL other workshops won't do this for you). If you don't show, don't tell us before the event starts, there is no refund. 

This is an off-grid workshop- not for the ultra faint of heart and those that are super high maintenance. There are motel cabins nearby you can rent too- Pine Crest Motel and Cabins, is one of them, or the Newport Motel (Newport VT). Most students opt for those two. 

EVERY year its different, and we've now had some students who have signed up for FOUR years in a row. So yeah, apparently, its pretty darn fun!