NEW!!!! Sept 23-24-25, 2022 Tiny House Summer Camp 9!

NEW!!!! Sept 23-24-25, 2022 Tiny House Summer Camp 9!

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Yep, we're having it yet again in 2022! Heck yeah! 



SEPTEMBER 23-25th (FRI-SUN)- and you're welcome to camp out until Monday too (as we know some of you travel from far away). If you miss Friday, we'll get you caught up- don't worry! 

Hosted by Deek and Dustin Diedricksen (hosts of HGTV's "Tiny House Builders")

Learn Tiny House Building with US!  (and a TON more!!!!)

Not just watching, not a mere slideshow, YOU will be cutting, sawing hammering, and CREATING!!

We'll all be building, actually BUILDING together! Touring cabins, Live Demos, Guest Speakers, and more! 

FRIDAY is the early arrival and set-up day- with SOME demos planned, but if you can't make it until Saturday that is OK! We'll get you up to speed. 


-Forget thinking you'll know how to build a tiny house after attending a festival

-Online courses aren't gonna cut it- sure, they can help a little, but its far from hands-on learning

-And a hotel ballroom talk-only class will fall short in the same way.

Those style courses all have their time and place, but learning by actually doing, while working with other professionals, alongside other students- all while networking and having an AWESOME time, is the way to go! 

Trust us. 

Much more by way of host/guest announcements will be coming up

We touch on tree house building too, as you'll see four of them on the premises where we camp/teach. 

 COST- the 2/3 day workshop- fully hands-on, with a slew of instructors is the same price it has been for the last ELEVEN years- $399.00.

PLEASE- PLEASE- PLEASE do the adult-thing and make sure you can attend this and don't have any conflicts before you sign up as this is non-refundable. We WILL give you credit to another workshop though (if you can't make it/have to cancel). We don't even have to do that (most workshops won't) but we will. 

By signing up, you agree to this. So PLEASE quadruple check that you can make this before you sign up. There are no refunds- its too much of hassle to refill your spots if you bow out later on. 

You are also welcome to camp-out on our land to save money (FREE), or you can stay in a local motel on your own in the Barton/Orleans, VT area. Simply google that region for motel and cabin rentals to see your options. 

Any questions- 

Things covered- Framing, tool use, efficiency in design/materials (IMPORTANT with the high cost of materials these days!), roofing, alternative building techniques (pros and cons), what NOT to do in your tiny house design (that alone will save you time, headache, and heartache), tiny house layouts, TOUR tiny builds on site, demos on shingling, Japanese techniques, window installation and repair, and then some... 

It'll be fun- ALWAYS is. And all off grid in beautiful Vermont. 

SPACE IS LIMITED! SO don't snooze on this.