Joshua Tree, CA Tiny House Workshop November 21-22 (Framing/Building, DIY-Group Art-Camping)

Joshua Tree, CA Tiny House Workshop November 21-22 (Framing/Building, DIY-Group Art-Camping)

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Well, people kept asking, so who are we to say "no"?

November 21-22 (you can come hang/set-up the 20th too- AND camp)- Hosted by Deek Diedricksen (host of HGTV's "Tiny House Builders")

    Last years camp-out workshop WAS so much fun too! This year we plan on even more cool projects, demos, and guest hosts- all in a private, intimate setting, with a limited number of spaces (18 students only). 

No slide show bore-a-thons, we will ALL BE BUILDING A CABIN TOGETHER! 

                     Make your mistakes here, and LEARN BY DOING! 

Above: The Anti-hotel-ballroom guest speaker "stage"- one of the areas we hang out in at night by a campfire. 

The focus of this workshop (see below) is building and tiny house techniques, but we're also wrapping some fun salvage AND group art projects into it. 

Hosted by Deek and Dustin Diedricksen- former HGTV hosts of "Tiny House Builders", and the DIY Network's "Extreme Small Spaces". 

Above: Small build we did with students over 2 days to teach them the 101 "ropes" of framing and more. 

November 21-22nd it all goes down on our 5 acre spread just outside Joshua Tree. If you haven't been to the area, its pretty amazing! Hiking, rock collecting, great restaurants, cool bars, and so many cool place to explore. 

Things we'll be working on this time...

-Framing 101 (and then some)- LIVE and hands on

-Campfire QnA hangs- you chance to ask, in person, ANY questions 

-A chance to check out our van camp conversion build and perhaps another tiny house (tour). 

-LIVE group building project. We will all build a small cabin that was designed by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen. 

-Ferrocement demos- how to properly mix and our concrete AND how to use it in curve-linear builds (sculpted homes). 

-Salvage building techniques (and talk/demo) With Deek and Dustin Diedricksen.

-Possible field trip too (pending interest)


Are RVS/campers allowed? Yep.

Pets? Yep- if well behaved/leashed. 

Couples discount- yes, $100 off (total) per pair. You will pay in full, then notify me and I'll refund $100 of it. 

Can I stay until Monday? Yep, but we'll ask that you help out with clean up, etc. 

What if I don't have tool? No worries, we have some extras. 

Refunds- No, so make sure you can make this. If you give us notice, we will allow you make-up credit for any future workshop. This is more than fair, as any other workshop company/host does not offer this. 

Facilities- its off-grid, so bring supplies. There are often some people with RVS though, so you might be able to charge phones with them. We are also only 2 miles from a ton of stores and restaurants. There are no showers on site, but campgrounds nearby with them if need be. Most bring solar showers if they feel the need. There is an outhouse- very basic (we might actually build another funky/artsy one as a side project too). 

What should I pack/where do I go? Don't worry, we'll send a massive email of info about a month before the event. We're near Morongo Rd. in Twentynine Palms, CA for those that want to look for nearby hotels. There is a motel 6 in the area which is about $65 a night. I usually use "Travelocity" to book- just search for "Twentynine Palms"- there are MANY options. There are literally 800+ airbnb rentals in the area too- some of them breathtakingly amazing! 

Workshop hours:

Friday Nov 20: 4pm Optional first day for early arrivals that want to set up camp, hang out and help set up. We provide dinner for those that help out/prep the site/clean, etc (all other meals are on your own). We also start work on one of the side projects (If you don't arrive until Saturday we will catch you up on things). 

Saturday Nov 21: Full out day of building and demos- 9am to 9pm (or later). The night always end with a BYOB campfire, or with the group all heading to a local bar/restaurant to further talk shop.

Sunday Nov 22: 10 am (start later, but most likely will be working before then), and go until 9/10pm again. 

Monday Nov 23: Like I said, you're welcome to stay another extra night to save on hotels, if you're camping, but we will put you to work a little. 



Same as its been the last TEN years of us doing Relaxshacks Workshops....

$399 for the full weekend. Couples get a $50 discount per person. ($100 off for a pair, for example). The discount will be refunded after you pay in full. 

ANY further questions and those looking to SPONSOR the workshop so as to appear in ads, flyers, blogs, etc - 

WANT TO BRING A TINY HOUSE that people can tour? email us.... 

Hope to see you there! :)