3/18/23- DIY Day Camp Hands-On Make-O-Rama Workshop

3/18/23- DIY Day Camp Hands-On Make-O-Rama Workshop

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One Day of Making Mayhem- Hands On! (All materials provided) KEEP what you make! 

Hosted by former HGTV Host and YouTube host of "RelaxshacksDOTcom" Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (with several guest teachers to be announced). 

Sat, March 18th (March 19th rain date)

(@DeekDiedricksenArt on IG to see more)

LEARN some new DIY techniques and leave with some gifts to keep/give away! 

Limited to 18 students 

10am to 5pm (with a second separate event at 6:30 pm- see below!)

Concrete planters, graffiti art, wooden robots, funky stencil art, and more...

Make SIX different projects you will take home (holiday gifts, useful items, etc), and learn many tricks of the reuse and budget-creating trade! 

Learn new DIY skills and approaches! 

Woodworking, Stencil work, concrete, graffiti art, repurposed and salvage materials art creation, jigsaw work, learn how to create herringbone and chevron patterns with wood, and more! 


Snacks, coffee, hot cocoa, and more….

Outdoors- dress warm! But we’ll have a big campfire going the entire time. 

We’ll make: (ALL MATERIALS are included- you do not need to bring ANYTHING at all)

-Found Material necklaces/jewelry 

-Graffiti art/stencil work art piece 

-Concrete mini planters 

-Wooden robot toys 

-Chevron table tops LIVE DEMO

-“REVIVED” greeting cards 

-“Table slabbing” free form art paintings (you’ll see!)

-“Plynimals”- sculptural plywood animals. 

-“TALK TO THE HAND”- giant hand sculptural build…. Junk materials as sculpture…. 

-"How to" demo on simple pallet wood benches.... 

Learn the TEN maker tips for salvaging for money

EASY ways to fix and flip finds for cash....

And more! 

                             Above: Trash to Cash- Roadside finds into profit.

$135 for the FULL DAY course. Lunch break at noon (on your own- plenty of restaurants and stores nearby). 

18+ or email us- kidcedar@gmail.com 

Hand tool use- no power tools (except by instructors)


And.... DINNER AND A MOVIE (see separate link- this is NOT included, but a different evening event)- 6:30 pm- 9:30 pm. 

NIGHT SCREENING of the movie

“THE BOX TRUCK FILM”- appropriate for all ages. 

Drive-in Style!- screened on the side of a tiny house- the actual one from the movie! You'll get to tour it as well. 

WITH included vegan campfire chili dinner and popcorn

$40 each- with directors talk/QnA

and salvage worksheets, etc. 

If you want to attend this- email at kidcedar@gmail.com (if the separate link isn't up yet)