6/16 Tiny House Building Workshop 101- Omaha, Nebraska

6/16 Tiny House Building Workshop 101- Omaha, Nebraska

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BY signing up you ALSO are granted admission to the whole tiny house festival- a $15 value. 
Saturday, June 16th (The $20 you are paying is ONLY the deposit to secure your slot)
     Hosted by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (HGTV's host of "Tiny House Builders" and bestselling author of "Microshelters"). With a special guest speaker or two.
WHERE: At the Midwest Tiny House Festival (This is a separate side class) and does not include admission to the festival as of now. This is mainly geared for those at the festival who also want to sign up for a side-class/workshop.
Falconwood Park
905 Allied Rd.
Bellevue, NE 68123
Co-hosted by Dustin Diedricksen- aka "Dr. Demolition" 
$75 for the class
$20 deposit required up front (balance due at workshop)
Deek has taught hands-on workshops since 2009 from California to Sydney, Australia. His work has appeared on/in HGTV, The DIY Network, The History Channel, The NY Times, China Times, the homepage of Yahoo.com and beyond...
Deek Diedricksen is host of the popular tiny house Youtube series "RelaxshacksDOTcom" http://www.youtube.com/relaxshacksDOTcom
The class is from 9am to 2pm. Bring your own lunch/snacks. 
Note: YOU WILL BE SENT AN EMAIL as to WHERE to meet on the grounds a week before the event. 
begins at 9:00 am
DEPOSIT of 20.00 required (non-refundable- SO MAKE SURE YOUR CALENDAR IS SET! The balance of $55 is due upon arrival.

This is a HANDS-ON workshop- you'll ACTUALLY build! Bring old clothes, goggles, gloves, water, sunscreen, a hat, and a cordless drill with charged batteries IF you have one. A hammer and hand-saw is a good idea too- again, IF you have one. 

Its a FIVE hour class= 9am to 2pm. This one day only. Saturday June, 16th. 

This particular class is more geared towards those wanting to learn the basics of framing (we actually will frame a couple walls), the ins and outs of tiny house building basics (both on a trailer, and on a foundation), and will cover the following:

-Framing (headers, roof rafters, doorways, and more)

-Building your base

-Sheathing techniques

-Materials and fastener use/choices

-Roofing Options 

-Tools of the trade- what you'll TRULY need, and what you can save your money on/pass on

-The DON'Ts of Tiny House Design

-Time, money, and hassle saving tricks of the trade (from lumber to plumbing in an open QnA format/talk). 

-How to build for less- the secrets of reuse and salvage. 

-And more! 

IF this workshop sells out, we might host a smaller/shorter one on Sunday morning too- covering some other alternative techniques of building and design....

Any questions- or for sponsorship