5/4-5/6 Tiny House/Tree House Build Workshop- Fuller Craft Museum- Brockton, MA

5/4-5/6 Tiny House/Tree House Build Workshop- Fuller Craft Museum- Brockton, MA

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Its INDOORS, don't worry! 

These workshops entail ALOT- with multiple hosts, guests speakers, demos, and more. We're one of the VERY FEW workshops that allow you to build alongside us (the quickest way to learn!). You won't be sitting in a hotel function room looking at slideshows....

NOTE: This THREE DAY workshop is $375.00

Its over 22 hours of building and instruction in all. 

A deposit of $175 is required at sign-up (the rest will be due the day of the event/sign-ins)

We hosted a workshop at the Fuller Craft Museum two years back, and it was such a hit, and so much fun, that we have been asked back to do another one. 


     This structure will be part cabin/part tree house and intentionally has many of the needed skills and approaches to tiny house building worked into it so that YOU can get a grasp of the skills, tools, and direction needed for YOUR build. You will learn a TON and we WILL complete it this weekend, giving you some really fun photo bragging-rights when you return home. 

The beauty of this workshop is that its HANDS-ON, and indoors, so the cold, or the weather, won't be a factor. 

This will be hosted by The Diedricksen Brothers (Deek and Dustin of HGTV's "Tiny House Builders" and of "Extreme Small Spaces")

This workshop is fitting for all skill levels, including absolute beginners, as we have SEVERAL hosts on board to take you through the build and show you the ropes. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: (info on frequently asked questions is further below)

-Live demos

-You building with and alongside us the whole time

-Guest speakers

-Tour a tiny house (we're lining one/two up right now- we had two last time)

-Coverage on framing, roofing, rafter cutting, sheathing, plunge cut, heating systems, base building, door/window placement, and more....

-Tons of time for QnA's from the various hosts


FRIDAY- 6:30PM-10pm (museum event- talks, meet and greet, cocktail hour)

IF you miss Friday because of work or travel- no worries- we'll get you caught up on almost everything the next two days.

SATURDAY- 9:30am-8pm Intros, demos, Live Build Begins! All Day- tiny house tour/talk in the evening

SUNDAY- 10am-6pm

SUNDAY- AM talk/guest- then building continues- with instruction on various techniques all the while. 

Meals: They are all on your own. We will have scheduled breaks (or you can leave anytime you want) BUT, we often will order a ton of pizzas for Saturday night so people don't have to leave the build site/hall that night.

Lodging- We recommend the Brockton Holiday Inn (about a mile away). There is also the Stoughton Motel (4 miles), and a few other options that will come up in a quick google search.

Emailed details: once you're signed up, you'll get details (more specifics) emailed to you about 3-4 weeks before the date of the actual workshop. 

 Tools- we'll tell you what to bring in the email that comes 3-4 weeks before the date of the workshop, but its all basic stuff, and IF you're flying in, we have tools you can use. 

Any questions- or for event/poster/online sponsorship- newenglandrockpress@gmail.com